Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday! TX Public School Week

Wednesday-Tx Public School Week!
What a Wonderful Wednesday, we started with a wonderful guest speaker: Margaret Longoria from Harlingen Chamber of Commerce/Wells Fargo Bank.  She spoke to our students about her two jobs and all the community activities she is involved in during her spare time.  Mrs. Longoria also works at Wells Fargo and spoke to the kids a little about banking. Mrs. Longoria then showed us a cool banking website for kids and left Mrs. Ayala a CDROM of banking games. :) Mrs. Longoria left the kids Wells Fargo book marks.
We continued to another classroom and began our 2nd presentation of the morning.
We were happily greeted by Dr. Bonnie DeLa Rosa-A Dentist at Rio Vista Dentistry.  We learned so much about healthy cleaning and the tools that dentist use.  We then played a game "What kinds of foods stick to your teeth?"  Kids left with a goodie bag that had: a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, and a coloring book. Very COOL!

Our next fun started with our Rodeo Days. 
 I started with my class- we did line dancing for a whole 30 minutes and then my class rotated to Mrs. Guajardo today where they made cowboy vests :) (We only do 2 rotations a day in order to have time for all 6 kinder classes to rotate.)

At the End of the Day we then had a surprise visitor:
He talked to our kinder students about the importance of education and working hard in school.  He made sure to tell our students that without hardwork in school he would not have been able to be where he is today.  We were so glad to have him:) 

We even had the honor of having Mrs. Verna Young (School board President) and Mrs. Gerry Fleuriet (School Board Vice President) pop in for a surprise visit. 

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