Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monster Party

Monster Invitation

We just had a blast for my son's 1st birthday!  The party was a monster theme at a local pavilion park.
I am excited to share my ideas with you that have been inspired by Pinterest, Etsy, and myself.

Here is our Birthday Boy!

Sunglasses for the kids!

DIY Monster Shirts!

DIY Monster Favor bags!

#1 Pinata

Birthday Boy Backdrop

Snowcones from Kona Ice Cameron County

 Pin the Eye on the monster!

Dance Party

 Monster Birthday Cake

 Adopt a Monster

 Monster Bubbles

Monster Cake by Gloria's Cakes in Harlingen TX

 Personalized Birthday Sign on the Snowcone truck.

Pin the Eye on the Monster


Group Picture!

Thank you card!

 Birthday Shirts

 What's a party without a photo booth!  
Check out RGV Photo booth fun on FB!
Center Pieces

Sunday, July 20, 2014

School Theme

Hey POWERFUL teachers!
Does your campus change their school theme very year or two?
Here are a few printables for our SUPERhero theme!

Right click on the picture, save as, print!


How about a western school theme?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bake your hearts out!

Hi eveyrone! Mrs. Ayala here!

I am not sure if I have ever told you this but I really enjoy baking cupcakes!  
I thought this would be a great time to share some of my baked goodies!  I recently won a contest where I had entered Cupcake Cones for Fourth of July for Hello Society!
Check it out!

They were so easy and fun to make.  My boys loved eating them all up after the cupcakes had a photo shoot. 

Hamburger Cupcakes:   I made these for our family Easter BBQ
My hamburger cupcakes!

Solar System Cupcakes for Matthew's book report on Pluto!
Solar System Cupcakes for a Planet Pluto Book Report Mrs. Ayala's Kinder Fun: Preview "Pluto Book Report"

Snowcone Cupcakes
'Like' to vote for @mrsayala's 4th of July "snow cone" cupcakes! Inspired by: http://lovelylittlelife-hannah.blogspot.com/2013/06/things-im-loving-thursday-4th-of-july.html #HSPinParty

To find more Betty Crocker inspiration viist my Pinterest board:


Summer Fun

Hello Hello! Mrs. Ayala here!  I hope you are enjoying summer just as much as I am.  My days are filled with 3 boys which = ADVENTURE and lots of party planning.  My little man will be having his 1st birthday at the end of this month. HOW EXCITING!

Another exciting adventure coming my way is that I recently accepted a new job position!  I will now be an instructional facilitator at Zavala Elementary.  I will still be in the same district, but it will be at a different campus and I will no longer have my own classroom.  This is such an exciting new chapter in my career but I will have to say that I am nervous and excited to be working with teachers.  I am not sure it has completely really set in, but one thing is for sure.... I am already wanting to go and take advantage of all the back to school specials on glue, scissors, folders, binders.... etc! I will definitely have to find something to fill my void for DIY projects for my classroom.  I almost feel like I would like to make themed classroom decorations and rules, etc for purchase.

Here is my family! Can you see that I am out numbered and our male boxer dog is not pictured!  I literally have a pre teen who dislikes almost everything I say and my middle child... well... he's just that, a middle child with all that comes with that title!  Myles is at the perfect age where he does exactly what mama wants!

Lots of trips to the parks this summer.

I love watching Myles experience the world! Firsties for him are my favorite! Here is his first time going down the slide without sitting in someone's lap.

Handmade shirt for 4th of July! He loved the paint!

Splashing water is one of his all time favorite things to do!

Another one of his favorites is to throw things! Here he is throwing our landscaping rocks! NOOOO

Loved this slide!

First Haircut!
Myles' 1st birthday is a MONSTER THEME with bright primary colors!  Check out some of the DIY party decorations I have been working on!

#1 Monster Pixy Stix: I paid 10 for 35 at our local Family Dollar Store, Print #1 from google images, print in any color cardstock, use a regular office stapler to staple the number one to the pixy stick tag.

Monster Invitation Envelopes created out of brown paper bags: I used colored paper, white paper, dot stampers, design cutters (scissors), glue, and slide the invite into the bottom of the bag.


Hobby Lobby cardboard numbers and letters: paint, colored paper, white paper, scissors, glue
Tissue Box Monsters: emptied tissue boxes, butcher paper, construction paper, white copy paper

 Ribbon Decorations: Lots of ribbon, lots of patterns, scissors, glue gun!

Tissue Paper Monsters: Tissue papers into pom poms, add eyes and/or teeth

Hobby Lobby Cardboard Letters: Paint, paper, scissors, glue

Photo Shoot!  Balloons, basket, cute baby, nice park, good weather

I look forward to blogging some more about my new job, classroom ideas, baking, family, and party planning!  See you next time!