Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oh No!!! Germs!!
The first week of school we learned about Germs and healthy cleaning during Science and Health.
We saw an interesting video from United Streaming that showed us how germs get passed around on the door knobs and food.
Washing Hands is important!
Keep it Clean!!
After our Discuss, Book Read A Loud, and Video.  Students illustrated what they thought Germs looked like.

Numbers with Shaving Cream

Students drew numbers 1-5 with shaving cream today.
We were so excited that some of us got it in our hair and face! OH MY!! LOL
Not too bad for our first shaving cream activity.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Time for Everything!

What an ADVENTUROUS 1st week!!  We were in shock the first day but then little by little we got a hang of things.
This week our kindergartners:
made new friends.
learned what a line is.
learned how to carry their lunch tray.
gained confidence.
realized that they will see their mommy again.
learned that school is FUN!
learned about germs.
how to rotate groups.
what rules are.
 how to write their name.

My students learned so much! It is overwhelming when I type it out like this.
The 1st week can be so overwhelming but in a couple of weeks, it will be smoooooth sailing and the learning possibilities will be endless.

1st Line in Kindergarten

1st time in the gym
Dr. Flores visits Kindergarten on our first day.
Getting to know each other's names.  Students said there name at the start of the tunnel and then walked through.
Yay Elise!
1st Time at the writing center.

Starting Line Up! Name Cheer! 

NO David 2011

During the first week of school we use the "NO DAVID!" books by David Shannon to introduce our school, rules, and campus. We made several David printouts and taped them all around the campus. The concept was "We were worried that David would get into trouble at our school so we needed to find him and explain the best way to be a good student at our school" we also put paint hand prints that David had made with paint around the hallways to give us hints on what direction he was going. We taped "David" at different highlights of the campus: Library,Science Lab, Nurse, Office, Principal, Gym, 4th & 5th grade wing, 2nd & 3rd grade wing, etc. In conclusion: we get back to our classroom and discuss what our "FIND DAVID" adventure was like.  Then we precede to talk about what rules we can make as a class to ensure that our class is fun and not so messy like David had done with his paint.

Here is our NO DAVID! 2011

David Goes to School

Where is David? Have you seen David Mrs. Martinez?  We Need to find him before he makes a mess in our school. David does not like to follow the rules and we need to  catch him and tell him  about our kindergarten rules.

 There is David's handprint that he made with paint! OH NO!! David is making a mess on our walls.
 NO DAVID! He went passed through our library!

He is in office!!!
How about 4th Grade?

 How about in the counselor's office?
 The Gym?
 OH NO! Our classroom door looks like it is open! Maybe he ran in there......
Students were beginning to get very worried....
 I hope we find him!
OH NO!!!

YAY!! We found David!!

Our Class with David!

Monday, August 22, 2011

First day FUN!!!

What a joyous day!
Lots of adventures today:D
Dr. Steve Flores: HCSID's Superintendent made a surprise visit to our class!!

Here is a sneak peak!

23 in our class and counting!