Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teacher/Blog Giveaways, Contests, Linky Parties OH MY!!

There are so many!! I will just keep a tally here!
Join the fun :D
Lutton 519

How's your classroom progress? Check out this linky party! Link UP!!
Empowering Learners

Graphics Factory Giveaway over at First Things First

There is a Giveaway!!! Enter to win!!!
Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures

Teacher Magic!

It is that time of the year for those teachers who start school in August.  It is time for us to work on our first magic trick of the year!
It's time to sort through: Boxes, Trash, Filing cabinets, important papers, poster boards, and on and on and on!
I don't know about you but I have to make a mess before I can really get the classroom organized.
I started just a little bit this past week.  I am not nearly done but it is always a work in progress.
Working on magic tricks doesn't come in one day ;/
Here is a sneek peak at what magic I have done so far.
AFTER pictures coming soon.

 Morning Meeting- Letter Cards, Daily Schedule,                                                                              Weather, Days of the Week, Number Chart, How Many? chart,                                                           Calendar, Months of the Year, carpet will go there as well

                                                                                            Letter Wall, Apple chart for words of the week, objectives of the week

 This back wall hurts my eyes!! It is tooooo white!  I usually put poster boards up. this is very bare :( 
I have to work my magic here!

Teacher area, and messy boxes

centers in the middle

I have not taken pictures of the corners or my centers! I have lots of magic to perform.
I have until August 23rd! YIKES!! I CAN DO IT!

Empowering Little Learners is having a Linky Party!!
Check out other teachers rooms and the work in progress! Looks like we are all in the same boat :/

Saturday, July 30, 2011


A Teeny Tiny Teacher
Are you a teacher?  A blogger? On vacation?
If so head on over to Kristin's blog!!!
 A teeny tiny teacher is having a giveaway for her followers, fellow teachers, and bloggers.
$20 @ Barnes & Noble
I would love to win this, I love NEW books for my class library :D

Winner Winner!!

YAY! I actually won!! 
Thank you to  "What the Teacher Wants"

$25 to The School Box!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Facebook Mixer

Over the past few weeks I have found so many bloggers with a facebook page!  This really helps keep in touch!
I would love to meet some new people and connect with each other on facebook:
Here is what you need:

  • A teacher blog, where you will write a quick little post telling your readers about this Linky Party ~ {Don't forget to grab the Linky Button!}
  • A Facebook account
  • The Facebook Like button or Facebook badge on your blog
  • If you do not have a page on facebook, that's ok, use this linky party as a way to like these pages with your personal facebook account, just to keep in touch :D
I posted my link 2x, The 1st one is a link to my blog and the 2nd is a direct link to my facebook.

One Hundred Fifty Party!!!

AWESOME!! Kinder Fun is celebrating 150 "likes" on Facebook!!! I am really excited!!!

Here is a FEEBIE! Print this out as a book or view it as a presentation on your computer. I have a job assignment for this. The student with the Morning Substitute Teacher Job gets to choose their pointer of their choice and point to the morning posters during our morning music. In addition two songs that I do in the morning have a digital presentation. The student gets to push enter or turn the book during the song for the other students to see.
 The students who get to press enter on the presentation LOVE this job!!! The song is from Dr. Jean. I have posted her links in the past. I hope you can use this!!
It's 28 pages: you can also print, laminate, hole punch and put it into a portfolio folder and pop it into the library, my students use it A LOT a the library.  I usually have to redo this book every year because of the wear and tear.
Alphardy 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kinder Expectations

I hate when this happens!  I saw this poster somewhere and I wrote some notes down and then created one for myself. The problem is... I do not remember who created this poster or which website I saw it on.
 If you made this poster or have a similar one, link up or leave a comment.
(Right click the photo and "save picture as" then print.)

Here are some more.



Pinterest Linky Party!!!

Over at Michelle's Math in the Middle

What is Pinterest???? Check it out!!  Click the red button on the upper right hand side of my blog.  You will find an online catalog where people can pin their favorite bookmarks.  It is great!  I have found some really neat ideas in just 2 weeks of using pinterest.

Go to this linky party and find other teachers/bloggers who have a pinterest and are pinning the coolest things ever.

These are some projects that I have pinned on pinterest.
They are not done :/ finished project pics coming soon ....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kindergarten Take Home Resources

I have been looking for something similar to this for 4 years now. LOL
I wanted an insert for the daily folder that I send home with students.  Many call it the "homework folder"
I wanted a reference guide for the days there is no homework or for the days that homework is less challenging.
This will be my first year using it, I hope it helps students and parents with practicing kinder objectives.

Kinder Study Sheets-Color
Kinder Study Sheets SS Color

Math/Language Arts/Reading
Kinder Study Sheets

WORK IN PROGRESS- Social Studies Kinder Study Sheets SS&S

Science Study Sheet

These are just rough drafts that I have come up with! They are based on Texas Kinder TEKS.
Do you have something similar to this?
We should Share!


Classroom Cheers

I have blogged about Dr. Jean before but she is just tooooo AWESOME that I have to mention her again.  If you haven't printed her FREE cheer cards yet or seen her videos of demonstrating her cheers, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Check it out!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dollar Deals!!

Scrappin Doodles is still selling some great downloads for just a DOLLAR!  I think they are so CUTE!!

♥  Michelle

2011-2012 School Suppy List


Rodriguez Supply List

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

100 Celebration!

100 "Likes" on Facebook!

Free Giveaways!
I saw these similar posters on a website or catalog. I can not remember! I just made them to fit my classroom needs.
click on the pictures to be redirected to a download version.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


9 MORE LIKES TO REACH 100 on Kinder Fun's Facebook Page!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Parent Handbook

Click on the Picture below for a Free Copy or just a peek so that you can grab ideas.
This is my first time to do a parent handbook. Is it yours! What kind of packet do you send the first week of school?
Here is a glimpse of what I am working on for parents this coming school year.
Our school theme is: Oceans
I got this idea from Little Priorites: Her theme is Monkeys and Zoo "I think"

Reading Nooks-Clutter Free Classrooms