Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 5 Teaching with Technology

HOORAY! It is the last week of this coarse.  I have loved everything that I have learned. I love technology! This week I realized just how much I love exploring the resources and videos that are available on Edutopia. During our readings and assignments this week we had to watch several videos from this website and I find them very useful.  I need to remember to log on more often to see what is new.

Videos like this one inspire me to be a better teacher.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kinder is unbeLEAFable!

Happy Fall y'all!!  I am really looking forward to a new season.  We have plenty of activities coming up this week with the kick off of fall, family, and Johnny Appelseed's birthday on September 26th.

Here are some activities that we will be doing.

Week 4 Teaching with Technology

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday.  I am completing week four in my masters program today.  It has been another long week but I learned so much.  I was at Region 1 and Region 2 this week.  I had lots of training and missing 3 days of school.  I was so glad to be back on Friday.
This week I learned so much about the process of developing a digital/technology rich district.  My district is doing this exact thing and I really did not realize the background behind the scenes protocol and structures that it takes to create a sustainable environment.  In this weeks readings I learned just how much it takes to create a sustainable environment.
It just so happened that our district just sent out this flyer to its teachers and I felt that it went perfect with this weeks readings.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Freedom Week-Constitution Day

Today was a great day for RED, WHITE, and BLUE in honor of Constitution Day and kicking off our "FREEDOM WEEK".  This is a requirement in Texas to teach all children about our constitution, US Symbols and to celebrate Freedom!

Here are some resources that you might be able to use:

We read We the Kids today: Is a great book to introduce the vocabulary to the kindergarten kids.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

WK 3 EDLD 5364

WOW!! What a week. I have been so busy and yet there is still so much more to do and learn.  I am currently completing week three in my master's program course in Teaching with technology.  I am excited to have learned so much about UDL and UDL Book Builder.  I love that lesson planning has come a long way and there is so much out there to help teachers now a days.  I feel like there is a never ending amount of resources, strategies, videos, and technology to help me teacher diverse learners in my classroom.
You should stop by these 2 free websites when you get a chance.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

David Shannon Favorites (Other than NO DAVID!)

We recently read the The Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon and we loved it!  Check out the digital story and the drawings the students did.  I had never read it but have heard so many good things about this book.  We love the author David Shannon!

Have you heard about MANNERS? We are learning all about manners, friendship, and NO BULLYING!
We have been reading some great books that correlate with these topics.  One favorite was yet another DAVID SHANNON book!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

WEEK 2 Overview

Teaching with Technology.  I have had a very interesting week and ooooo so busy.  I really enjoyed this week's readings and videos about effective technology.  I am looking forward to getting my class set of iPads.  Here are some of the best videos that I found to incorporate phonics and phonemic awareness in my lessons. :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Week at a Glance

What a week!  It was our first week with students at school and my first week of my fall class.  I am super excited to be taking Teaching with Technology.  That is what my passion is right now.  I want to learn how to effectively use technology everyday in my classroom and learn how to collaborate and share more and more.  I use technology everyday in my kindergarten classroom as it is but I can always learn more.  In two weeks, my class will be receiving iPads and this makes me so exciting but at the same time I would like to really understand the best times and ways to use them in my instruction so that students are able to really engage and learn.
This week I read an interesting article that really caught my eye and validated the entire reason why I started this blog and using technology in my classroom.

As I feel a bit stressed with all of the new adventures that I am undertaking I found that this song/video motivates me and I hope it motivates you. :D
LET IT GROW, watch your students and adventures grow and blossom CELEBRATE THE WORLD!!