Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainbow Bright!

Today was a very busy day!
We had a half day with a fundraiser assembly, an early lunch, and our student teacher was observed today!
Our student teacher "Miss. Mimi Torres" continued a lesson I had started earlier in the week about rainbows during Science/Social Studies.
She had the kids mix colors in a jar to illustrate a rainbow, we learned lots of awesome sceince vocabulary like: "Experiment" "Arc" "Guess" "Indigo". Students then illustrated what they saw happen in the jar as we added color.
Miss Torres then played a Rainbow Race with the students.  They predicted which color would win and then had a cube that would be thrown.  Which ever color the cube landed on was the color that was able to move up a space.  In the end each student wrote down which color actually won and then compared it to the color they had pridected would win.
Lots of fun!

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