Thursday, March 29, 2012


Teacher: GIVE ME AN "R" Kids: R!
GIVE ME AN "O" Kids: O!
GIVE ME A "Y" : Kids Y!
(cotinue wit G R I V!)

Thursday and Friday we aer doing a little bit of Rainbow Learning and we could not have done with without Roy G. BIV!!!


What an honor it was to be featured in last night's news!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It is always nice to get a little care package in the mail.
It brought back memories of when I was a little girl and my dad or my God-Mother would send me birthday care packages for my birthday or Christmas.

Last night I was nicely surprised by and Avery!
I received an unexpected thank you for being a TOP BLOG REVIEW for and Avery Products.
The reviews actually came natural because I truly use and love Avery products. They are all over my classroom.
Here is what I received.
An Avery Lunch box, a top of the line Avery bag, an Avery USB with it's own little blue case, and an Avery water bottle.

I love that all of these items will be able to be used on a daily basis.  I use a USB everyday, drink water everyday, need a bag everyday, and I pack lunch ALMOST everyday! LOL!

It was really a happy time for me this morning when I pulled out all of Avery's gifts!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Social Studies: Technology

This year in social studies we have a new unit in our TEKS.
Unit 11 Technology has Changed
I am having to do some additional research for resources on this unit.
Let's see how this goes. :D
Engineering Today:


What is a computer?

Explore the Web

What do we know about computers?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Technology in the classroom

Check out these great videos created by our Harlingen School District.

I have truly enjoyed every bit of technology that our district has allowed us to utilize in our classroom.
Bring down the 4 walls of your classroom and explore the endless collaborations, strategies, and networking that can happen with technology embedded in your everyday lessons.

This is the future for our HCISD students. I'm SOOOO excited!!

Kinder - 2nd Grade Linky Party!!

ATTENTION Bloggers!! There is a super cool linky party going on over at Kindergarten Lifestyle!
Please stop by there are over 200 blogs for these grade levels!!

Kindergarten Lifestyle

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We planted our 1st Seeds!!

Happy Spring everyone!!
We planted our first seeds today in the science lab!

This is such a GREAT Video!!! I love it!

I introduced the lesson with Eric Carle's Book!

I am so excited about finding these videos all on youtube! I hope you can use them in your lessons.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Monday back.
This week is an important week because it is the end of the 3rd Quarter.
I will be end of quarter testing all of the students.  Be sure to practice all of the 3rd Qrt sight words.
I will be contacting parents this week as well for either a telephone conference or face to face conference.

One more quarter to go before your little kindergartner becomes a 1ST GRADER! :D

This week at a glance we are learning about:
The Letter Uu
How seeds grow.
Science Lab: Water/Planting/Seeds/Plant life cycle
End of quarter testing

THERE IS NO ACE After School Program on Thursday or Friday.

On Friday it is PTA's $1 End of Quarter Pajama Day!
We are learning about the letter Uu!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Product Review-Numi Teas


I recently had the opportunity to review Numi 8 assorted Organic Teas for  It is great that Shoplet Office Supplies can provide tea, coffee, and drinking supplies for an office.            That makes it convienent for an office, a one stop shop.                                                                                                I have to admit that I am not fond of tea. I usually only drink sweet tea and usually when it is on ice.  Every once and a while when I have a sore throat I will drink on cup of hot tea, but that is not very often.  It was very hard for me to try all the flavors. :/                                 The 3 flavors that I liked were: Numi Chamomile Lemon tea, Numi Orange Splice Tea, and Numi Gunpowder Green Tea.

Numi Chamomile Lemon Tea: Tasted Refreshing.  I am really picky about smells and this is why Chamomile was the first tea that I tasted.  I love the smell of lemon.  I loved the taste the best.  If you like your tea with lemon, you will love the taste of Chamomile Lemon Tea.                                                                                                      My 2nd favorite was the Numi Orange Spice Tea.  I love orange and how it smells.  I am a very simple and picky drinker like I said before.  I did not particularily like this flavor.  My husband on the other hand liked it very much.  I was not pleased with the after taste either.  :/                                                                                               My 3rd favorite was the Gun Powder Green Tea.  I was nervous at first to taste this flavor, only because it is really dark and smells a bit stronger than the other teas.  I did not like this flavor very much.  My son tasted this flavor with me and we both agreed that it was not a flavor we liked.               
I really am enjoying my Numi Chamomile Lemon Tea on this Beautiful Spring Break Morning!  



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tx Public School Week 2012

On Monday, March 5th, we will be kicking off Tx Public School Week!
This year's theme is IMAGINE, EXPLORE, DISCOVER!
Here is our school wide schedule.
On Monday: We will start with Time Warner Cable's Sabrina Heins.  Sabrina will read a book to our kinder students and talk to them about the importance of education and science/technology in the classroom.

Our book of the day will be "Armadilly Chili" by Helen Ketteman.
Kinder students will make and

Tuesday: Published Book Event

Wednesday: Kid Zumba by Mrs. Brenda Paredes (Our very own kinder teacher.)

Bulletin Board: Deep in the heart of Texas you'll find 23 shining stars!
Gingerbread Cowboy
Why do Cowboys sleep with their boots on? Paper plate Rattlesnakes, Designer Boots
Armadilly Chilli, Armadillos


March is also HCISD's Nutrition Month!
The district will be setting up mustache booths for the middle and high schools in the district.
We might have to create a milk mustache booth in our classroom :D
In this pic is our Superintendent and our Board President.