Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pluto Book Report

Hi everyone!! Mrs. Ayala here!
This week has been fun and exciting!  My son Matthew is a second grader and they had a book report this week.  My son has a huge interest in non-fiction books!  Matthew chose The book Pluto as his book report topic.

This was definitely an family project, which was really fun because everyone shared ideas and we were able to search online together.  We found out some interesting facts about Planet Pluto, the Solar System, and all about other Planet Pluto children's books out there that now Matthew would like to get his hands on.  (GREAT for Summer reading!)

Here is what we found!

Poor PLUTO!  Pluto has really been through a lot, and did you know that we sent a satellite to take pictures of PLUTO a few years ago and it will not arrive until 2015!

Here is what we decided to do as Matthew's Book Report Presentation:
We are having a WELCOME TO PLANET PLUTO Party!

The picture shown is a welcome flier to Planet Pluto:

The following picture is of the Pluto Guest Book that Matthew made!  Inside the guest book, students/Earth Aliens will sign or draw themselves as aliens or Earthlings.

And finally to end our PLANET PARTY with a BANG we made Solar System cupcakes.
We included yellow for the sun, blue or green for earth, a white speck (sprinkle) for Planet Pluto, and clear sugar crystals for stars.  The frosting was fluffy white and blue food coloring was added to create the actual solar system rings.

Here are a few party hat templates that you can use as your PLUTO PARTY HAT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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