Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring "Fill the Bucket!"

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I just finished making spring labels for a an incentive that I am going to do with the students for the month of April--> Easter/Earth Day.  I went everywhere looking for inexpensive baskets to get.  I ended up finding 20 at Walmart for $1 each.  Then to find out the dollar tree had 2 for a $1 but they were much smaller.  I  I usually ask each student to bring in their own basket for Easter, but this year since I thought about it with enough time, I went ahead and bought a basket for each student.

I will bring out the baskets April 1st! I am going to use them during the month of April as a "FILL THE BUCKET" activity daily.  I have seen lots of neet ideas on "What the Teacher Wants".

I used Label: AVERY 5978/5163 (2x4)
Hope you can find use for the download :)
FYI: Walmart had so many SPRING Treasure Box items that were $1.

I am sure the students' buckets will be full by end of the month!

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