Sunday, January 20, 2013

Digital Design

Happy January everyone!!  I am in full swing, I just started a new class in my masters program which means new adventures and NEW HOMEWORK!

EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics and Web Design

As I began to click and explore through The Bible of Ethiopia I was amazed, besides watching the occasional history channel I had never first handily flipped through such an aged artifact in my life.  My first impression was that I loved the contrast that was used by the author, there is clearly color in not only the illustrations but in the important texts and headlines that are important.  The repetition and alignment are clearly seen throughout the book, many of the illustrations are repeated and the boarder around each page is repeated. The font, which is really handwritten is beautiful, now days we just pick a font online, imagine writing in the same font for hundreds of pages, I couldn't do it.

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