Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am a currenlty a Kinder Teacher in Harlingen Tx, and I love my JOB! I have found some awesome resources on various blogs and thought I would broaden my horizons and create one of my own. I love researching for upcoming lesson and themes and I love creating my own word & powerpoint documents to use in my classroom. I love collaborating and sharing new ideas! Sharing is Caring:)

On another note:
HI to all my parents who are visiting my blog. I enjoy working with all of my students everyday! It is a very fulfilling moment when I come around the corner in the morning and see their excited faces, what ever I had going on in the morning or the day before gets erased with those excited learners :)

ABOUT ME: JOB: on my 5th year of teaching: LaFeria Tx (1st assignment) with PreK (where I learned almost everything from all the hardworking teachers over there), Harlingen TX (2nd assignment) with Kinder (where I am learning how to spread my wings and fly-the possibilities are endless with my AWesOme principal and grade level colleagues.)

FAMILY: I am married with 2 boys (J-8) and (Matt-5)

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