Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Alphabet Garden: Testing Cheerleaders!

Take a CRUNCH out of TAKS! 

Little Cheerleaders, Big Testers

Our Little ones have to do this for our Big Kids!
The Alphabet Garden: Testing Cheerleaders!

We were finally able to put this idea into action on Friday Morning (April 8th)
4th graders from Mrs. Monica Alvarado's class came to cheer our class on before we take the SAT10 test all next week.  We were so excited! The students came into our class cheering "DO YOUR BEST! PASS YOUR TEST!"  Mrs. Alvarado gave a brief message to our class from her class and then students passed out a good luck goody while giving our kinder kids high fives!  What a great idea!

Sister Cheer Buddies!

GOOD JOB 4th Grade!
We can't wait to go to your class next week for your testing.

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