Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi everyone! This week I really enjoyed my homework!
We had to watch 3 scholar videos about action research that has been conducted at their campus or district. I enjoyed listening to the advice part of the videos.  The scholars ended the video with a word of advice to teachers.
One of the scholars: ·        Dr. Timothy Chargois, Director of Research, Planning and Development in Beaumont ISD really struck a cord with me.    I learned that it is not ok for teachers to just be ok with reaching one student a year. We are accountable to reach all students.  I also loved when Dr. Timothy said that we NEVER stop growing!  If you are green you’re growing, if you are brown you’re dying.  I love that saying, I totally have lived by that but have never said it like that. I don’t ever want to be brown.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Shoplet Leather Product Review

Hi everyone!! I cannot believe that July is just about over.  It is time for another product review from  
Both of these products are leather.  Don't you love leather. Especially PINK leather!
I am starting with the tag because I really liked it.  Every time I travel I take a backpack and I usually carry it on but an identification tag wouldn't hurt. I love the color, size, and gold clip on.  Now this is my style.  The tab flips up to reveal the information you wish to fill out.  You can also use this in or on your purse for credit card easy access and maybe a few dollar bills hidden in the pocket. :D
The Royce Leather The Big Tag is super stylish, trendy, fab, and colorful!
Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve
The next product review is on a black iphone sleeve.  It is professional and basic.  I particularly do not like this product because I have been wanting an iphone for a while now but I just haven't committed to getting one.  The phone I have now is an android and I love it.  Maybe that is why I am hesitant to get the iphone because it is a want not a need. Needless to say the Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve is not for me.  I also do not like the PLAIN black.  I need pattern, polk a dots, and bright colors.  I would recommend this product to a business person that means business and does not like the flashy. :D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

FREE Friday!

Happy FREE  Friday everyone! I am in the creating and giving mood.  Simply "save image" to your desktop for some free posters!! Easy as 1, 2, 3! SAVE< PRINT<SHARE
Some are repeats and others are new.  Not too fancy but good enough for me and I hope they are good enough for you!
I would love to hear from you!
Where are you from? What grade do you teach? What is your theme for the new school year?

Happy sharing to you!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take Action!

Hi my name is Michelle Ayala. I am currently taking a course for my masters.  We are learning and creating an action research plan.  I was really hesitant at first but once I really understood it, I was excited. What is Action Research? And how is this going to help my as a principal?
 Action research is a process of a principal engaging in systematic, intentional study of his/her own administrative practice and taking action for change based on what he/she learns as a result of the inquiry. Dana pg2 
 The benefits of conducting an action research at our school and district level is that change is good. Our students, community, and parents are evolving and facing new challenges every year. It is our job to research, adapt, change, take action, and plan for the our students to succeed.  I am looking forward to creating my action plan and implementing it at my campus.  I had several ideas but just wasn't sure what route I wanted to go.  The first topics that came to mind that are important to me is technology and Parental Involvement EVERYDAY. This is what I came up with so far:

 Parental Involvement through technology: What actions can our faculty take to improve parental involvement everyday by means of technology such as blogs, youtube, facebook, twitter, wiki, and school websites?

Educational Leaders Using Blogs: 
As you may have found out, I am already a blogger.  I am just a teacher right now blogging but I feel I can and will continue this blog as a leader as well.  Blogging has so many beneficial components.  First and foremost is the power of collaboration and sharing with others around the world.  As my blog and facebook page grew the collaboration was so beneficial for me and my students.  I implemented strategies that other teachers were using and recommended that I use.  I also got great tips for classroom management and organization which makes a classroom run much smoother.  
I am also able to communicate with parents and community members.  I literally am taking the four walls of the classroom down and opening up the door to all my parents.  I want them to see what we are doing in my classroom.  I have to admit that sometimes we do some really exciting and fun things in the classroom.  Parents and I are raising 25 children everyday and we need to do it together for our children to be successful.  Blogging really helps with this philosophy.

As an educational leader I can see myself communicating with parents, community leaders, and other educators around the world.  I can see myself as a principal sharing with other principals, and communicating with my campus family.  

Happy blogging everyone!

To my followers: Sorry about the novel I just wrote.   It is for an assignment! :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 Ways to Save Money on Art Supplies

5 Ways to Save Money on Art Supplies

As an artist you know that finding the right tools for your trade is important.  From paper, to pencils, to paint, there is usually something you need to replenish your supply.  But a trip to the art supply store can be expensive; especially if you allow yourself to get carried away with impulse buys.  Consumer-saving sites like and these following five tips will help you save money as you stock up on what you need.

1.                   Don’t waste your good paper:  You will need to have a supply of high quality paper for your final projects.  Don’t allow yourself to use this paper for just anything. recently published an article, Drawing on a Budget, that suggests that drawing exercises, experiments, and practice studies can all be done on cheap office paper.  That way you won’t feel you’ve wasted your best materials on something less than your best work. 

2.                   Make sure you really need it:  Art supply stores are well stocked with every imaginable tool you could use.  However, most of what’s there you won’t actually need.  Don’t get carried away purchasing things you think you might have a use for.  If you’re not sure, chances are it will only collect dust.  Stick to the necessities.

3.                   Take care of your existing supplies:  It may seem like an obvious statement, but artists can be hard on their tools.  Some things, like paper, have to be replaced regularly.  Others, according to, like paintbrushes, can be well cared for.  If they are good quality brushes to begin with, they will last you a long time. 

4.                   Check out garage sales:  You won’t be able to stock up on paper this way.  But you may be surprised at the deals you can find on frames, quality pastels, and pencils.  You’ll have to be patient, because you won’t find what you’re looking for at every garage, moving, or estate sale.  If you keep your eyes open, though, you may come across a real gem.

5.                   Sign up for mailing lists:  Online art suppliers and physical art retailers often have mailing lists.’s article, How to Save Money on Art Supplies, explains that these lists will send out sale announcements and coupons to your email inbox.  You can coordinate your next trip to coincide with a big sale, or use coupons for specific items you need.

Creating art is not always a cheap endeavor.  The tools needed to create that masterpiece can really add up.  If you’re careful with what you have, and plan ahead for what you need you can find ways to cut the costs.

Additional Resources/Sources/Reference/etc.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fellowes, Shoplet Product Review

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am going to tell you a little about my latest shoplet review.  It is always a pleasure to receive a free product in the mail but especially when it has to do with technology.  This summer I average about 4 hours a day on the computer,so these two products are a great addition to my every techiness. I have never used a wrist rest or keyboard pad so this was exciting to try it out.

The first product is this super sleek & comfortable Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad.  I was kind of skeptical at first because I do not use any support device for my mouse and sometimes it can add clutter to my desk, but once I attached it and tried it, I loved the feel.  The product has two straps on the right and left side to attach to your mouse, when you slide the mouse around the Fellowes Memory Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad moves as one with the mouse.  WOW!! I really enjoyed the comfort and support it provided.
  I am interested in designs, patterns, and multiple colors for this product.

(I forgot to mention that a black mouse pad comes with the support as well.)

Like I said before I do not use any support padding or grip on my keyboard or mouse at the moment.  The Keyboard Palm Support is a long narrow foam support the length of an average size keyboard.  The palm support is black with tree rectangle foam supports.Two foams are used when using the main keys and the third foam support is aligned with the number keys.  
I love the feel and comfort that the Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support provides.

I would love all kinds of patterns and colors for this product! :D

I am really looking forward to setting up the Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad & Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support at my computer desk in my classroom at the beginning of the year!
Thank you! I truly appreciate it!
I cannot wait to go shopping for classroom/office supplies!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Classroom Jobs

Happy Sunday everyone!  I got so much accomplished today!  I went to an outdoor flea market for the first time, bought my two boys two pet turtles, turned in my final project for my Summer I class, and I completed my Classroom Job Chart for the new school year in August! PHEW~ Let me catch my breathe real quick!

I started to question myself when it was taking longer than anticipated to complete this year's Classroom Job Poster, but than I realized something...
I realized that my classroom job assignments are a huge part of my classroom management and organization. Classroom job/assignments teach responsibility, ownership, character, reliability, team work, and it goes so much more beyond that.  If you are not using classroom jobs/assignments in your class already, I strongly recommend you add a few.  It really makes a world of a difference in attendance and discipline.
This year's theme is "WILD ABOUT LEARNING" so I tried to tie in as many vocabulary words that applied.
Most of the clipart is from KPM DOODLES, and the rest is from google images, and DJ Inkers.

Let me know what you think! :D
(I hope it fits in the laminating machine!)

OOPS! I am so sorry, I guess I should mentioned what the jobs are, their descriptions, and what I do for late entries.

Here are the jobs I will be using in my classroom this year.
Safari Leader (line leader)
Gate Keeper (Door Holder)
 Light operator
 head zoo keeper(sub. Teacher)
Character Counts at the zoo (campus conduct system)
Grounds Inspector (inspects the class before dismissal)
Chair Manager ( in stacks of 6 chairs)
 Nutritionist (snack helper)
Where are we? (schedule)
 Table Techs (wipe down tables after projects or at the end of the day)
 Super Sweeper (dust pans with mini sweeper at the end of the day or after art)
Mr. And Mrs. Clean (pick up debris in the classroom)
 Poster Patrol (holds and turns posters)
 Backpack Inspector (make sure backpacks are hanging and zipped up)
Caddy inspectors (organize at the end of the day)
Hand sanitizer

Student's job is changed every Monday.  Some of the jobs can have 2 to 3 students, therefore this leaves room for new additions in our classroom.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red, White & Blue!

Hi Kinder Fun Friends!  I wanted to take the time to say HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!  This is a great holiday for traditions, family, great food, fireworks, and lots of kid fun!  We can not wait to make our jalapeno bombers, and our fruit Kabobs!  Of coarse we going to eat so much more than that but that is what my husband and I will be contributing!  I even had my great husband go to the grocery store a couple of hours ago just so I would beat the crowds tomorrow.
Here is what we are cooking up for July 4th!
These pictures are from last year! I look forward to posting pictures for 2012 after tomorrow!!!