Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take Action!

Hi my name is Michelle Ayala. I am currently taking a course for my masters.  We are learning and creating an action research plan.  I was really hesitant at first but once I really understood it, I was excited. What is Action Research? And how is this going to help my as a principal?
 Action research is a process of a principal engaging in systematic, intentional study of his/her own administrative practice and taking action for change based on what he/she learns as a result of the inquiry. Dana pg2 
 The benefits of conducting an action research at our school and district level is that change is good. Our students, community, and parents are evolving and facing new challenges every year. It is our job to research, adapt, change, take action, and plan for the our students to succeed.  I am looking forward to creating my action plan and implementing it at my campus.  I had several ideas but just wasn't sure what route I wanted to go.  The first topics that came to mind that are important to me is technology and Parental Involvement EVERYDAY. This is what I came up with so far:

 Parental Involvement through technology: What actions can our faculty take to improve parental involvement everyday by means of technology such as blogs, youtube, facebook, twitter, wiki, and school websites?

Educational Leaders Using Blogs: 
As you may have found out, I am already a blogger.  I am just a teacher right now blogging but I feel I can and will continue this blog as a leader as well.  Blogging has so many beneficial components.  First and foremost is the power of collaboration and sharing with others around the world.  As my blog and facebook page grew the collaboration was so beneficial for me and my students.  I implemented strategies that other teachers were using and recommended that I use.  I also got great tips for classroom management and organization which makes a classroom run much smoother.  
I am also able to communicate with parents and community members.  I literally am taking the four walls of the classroom down and opening up the door to all my parents.  I want them to see what we are doing in my classroom.  I have to admit that sometimes we do some really exciting and fun things in the classroom.  Parents and I are raising 25 children everyday and we need to do it together for our children to be successful.  Blogging really helps with this philosophy.

As an educational leader I can see myself communicating with parents, community leaders, and other educators around the world.  I can see myself as a principal sharing with other principals, and communicating with my campus family.  

Happy blogging everyone!

To my followers: Sorry about the novel I just wrote.   It is for an assignment! :D

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