Monday, July 23, 2012

Shoplet Leather Product Review

Hi everyone!! I cannot believe that July is just about over.  It is time for another product review from  
Both of these products are leather.  Don't you love leather. Especially PINK leather!
I am starting with the tag because I really liked it.  Every time I travel I take a backpack and I usually carry it on but an identification tag wouldn't hurt. I love the color, size, and gold clip on.  Now this is my style.  The tab flips up to reveal the information you wish to fill out.  You can also use this in or on your purse for credit card easy access and maybe a few dollar bills hidden in the pocket. :D
The Royce Leather The Big Tag is super stylish, trendy, fab, and colorful!
Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve
The next product review is on a black iphone sleeve.  It is professional and basic.  I particularly do not like this product because I have been wanting an iphone for a while now but I just haven't committed to getting one.  The phone I have now is an android and I love it.  Maybe that is why I am hesitant to get the iphone because it is a want not a need. Needless to say the Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve is not for me.  I also do not like the PLAIN black.  I need pattern, polk a dots, and bright colors.  I would recommend this product to a business person that means business and does not like the flashy. :D

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