Sunday, July 8, 2012

Classroom Jobs

Happy Sunday everyone!  I got so much accomplished today!  I went to an outdoor flea market for the first time, bought my two boys two pet turtles, turned in my final project for my Summer I class, and I completed my Classroom Job Chart for the new school year in August! PHEW~ Let me catch my breathe real quick!

I started to question myself when it was taking longer than anticipated to complete this year's Classroom Job Poster, but than I realized something...
I realized that my classroom job assignments are a huge part of my classroom management and organization. Classroom job/assignments teach responsibility, ownership, character, reliability, team work, and it goes so much more beyond that.  If you are not using classroom jobs/assignments in your class already, I strongly recommend you add a few.  It really makes a world of a difference in attendance and discipline.
This year's theme is "WILD ABOUT LEARNING" so I tried to tie in as many vocabulary words that applied.
Most of the clipart is from KPM DOODLES, and the rest is from google images, and DJ Inkers.

Let me know what you think! :D
(I hope it fits in the laminating machine!)

OOPS! I am so sorry, I guess I should mentioned what the jobs are, their descriptions, and what I do for late entries.

Here are the jobs I will be using in my classroom this year.
Safari Leader (line leader)
Gate Keeper (Door Holder)
 Light operator
 head zoo keeper(sub. Teacher)
Character Counts at the zoo (campus conduct system)
Grounds Inspector (inspects the class before dismissal)
Chair Manager ( in stacks of 6 chairs)
 Nutritionist (snack helper)
Where are we? (schedule)
 Table Techs (wipe down tables after projects or at the end of the day)
 Super Sweeper (dust pans with mini sweeper at the end of the day or after art)
Mr. And Mrs. Clean (pick up debris in the classroom)
 Poster Patrol (holds and turns posters)
 Backpack Inspector (make sure backpacks are hanging and zipped up)
Caddy inspectors (organize at the end of the day)
Hand sanitizer

Student's job is changed every Monday.  Some of the jobs can have 2 to 3 students, therefore this leaves room for new additions in our classroom.


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