Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Go in Kindergarten

Hi everyone! Can you believe I have been gone for over a week now! I miss blogging so much!
I just had to make time tonight to add a new post.
We have been having a SEUSTATIC of a time!

Our librarian has helped us with dress up days this week!  Today is barely Tuesday and we have had so many engaging activities!  I have to admit that it is hard keeping the kids on task with so much excitement, but then I remember and can see how much fun they are having while learning.

Here is a bit of our schedule for the week:
Monday: "Oh the Places You'll Go"- Wear slippers or boots to school.
Tuesday: "Green Eggs and Ham" - Wear Red, White, or Green.
Wednesday: "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" and "Wacky Wednesday"- Wear pockets.
Thursday: "Fox in Socks" and "ABC Book"- Wear crazy socks.
Friday: "Cat in the Hat" and BOOK FAIR OPENS: Wear a hat.

On Monday, during language arts and reading, we read "Oh the Place You'll Go", we talked about imaginary places and then we went into a discussion about where we want to go for college and what we want to be and where we would like to go when we have our own transportation.  At first it was hard for students to really read into their imagination, but once I started encouraging and giving examples of the imaginary places that I would like to go..... The stories were great.  For example, my own son told me his response that he gave in his class. "I would like to fly to Las Vegas in an airplane and win lots of money."  (That sounds great even for me!) LOL.

You can be anything you want to be! oh the Places you'll go!

On Monday, during Math we read "The Foot Book".  We discussed measurement.  Students took turns measuring each other and then different objects in the room.

On Tuesday, During Reading and Language Arts we read "Green Eggs and Ham".  We created a graph.  Who will think Green Eggs and Ham are Yuk? or Yum?  It was more of a prediction.  Believe it or not we only had 4 say that they thought Green Eggs and Ham would be Yuk.

On Tuesday during our science lab time, we had the great opportunity to make OOBLECK from the book "Bartholemu and the Oobleck".  Boy was this fun and hands on!  We talked about the ingredients, the steps, and then the result. Is it wet? Cold? Hot? Soft? Hard? etc.

On Tuesday during our Social Studies time we finished the day with a journal entry and a cooking lesson for "Green Eggs and Ham".!

(Now can you see why I say that we have so much fun already and it is barely Tuesday)
SIGH... I am out of typing breath!

Her are a few pictures from Monday and Tuesday. Please visit my facebook page for more pictures.

Wednesday during Reading and Language Arts we will be reading "Wocket in my Pocket" and the "ABC Book"- We will be creating our very own story about Our Wocket in Our Pocket.  We will also be creating an ABC class book to put in our library.

During Math we will be adding and subtracting fish for "1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish"

During Social Studies we will reading "The Lorax" How can we practice conservation every day?

Thursday we will be reading one of my all time favoirtes! "FOX IN SOCKS!  I love the rhyming in this book!  I have creating a pocket chart game for students to play with rhyming words.  We will be creating our own paper socks as well.

For Math we will continue "1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish". We will be graphing multi colored goldfish today.

It's Rhyme Time!!

Friday- Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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