Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love Bugs!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Family, Friends, Parents, and blogging friends!
I truly love this time of year when everyone reflects on who they love and best of all, I love that it is a great opportunity to celebrate friendship in the classroom and at our school.

I have always wanted my students to participate in a home project.  This is the year! LOL
Each student has been asked to bring in a decorated shoe box to be used as their Valentine mail box. Here is an example I found while browsing the web. I look forward to seeing the creations!
                          Pinned Image

On February 14th we will be allowed to have a food party.  Our campus has voted this day to be an exempt day. We will be making friendship sundaes! YUM!
Hopefully our sundaes will come out like this! LOL

Here are some of the acitivites that we did or are going to do!
We are very excited because our mailboxes are coming in and they are beautiful!

My inspiration originated from Empowering Little Learners!
She has a freebie to go with the Mailbox Family Project!
Check it out!

A little bit of paper tear for Valentine's Day.

Here are our Valentine's Day  Scrapbooks
 Signing our names in each others scrapbooks.

 Sweetheart Stacking contest!  It was a ver serious event in our room!


   The winner won with 14 hearts stacked!

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