Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every Day is a New Adventure

Today was full of adventure! We covered the Letter Bb, rhyming, addition, handwriting, math centers, space (planets), and too top off everything Mrs. Ayala lost her phone :( I am just not sure what happened, the only thing I can think of is that it grew legs and just walked out on  me LOL. Hopefully one of the kids doesn't come tomorrow and say OOOPS! I took this by accident, that would be funny.

The highlight was when the kids used the new clipboards that I got over the weekend.  It just so happens that last week in our curriculum one of the suggested activities was to "Write the Room" with clipboards, but I was disappointed because I did not have enough for a small group (my biggest group is 6 students) so I modified it and just had them write in thier journal at an independent table. Well TARGET has some really cute small ones in their dollar section.  I tried it out today, the kids loved it, they felt so important walking around the room with their little clipboard and pencil, I was amazed at how many words they wrote down! Even my kids who do not like to write did so well.

I would like to try and do this activity consistantly, maybe on wednesdays or something. We shall see.

 It's funny that now I have started this blog and I encourage students to visit the site, they all want their picture taken :)
"Mrs. Ayala aren't you going to take our picture?" ( So I rush to pull out the camera :)

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