Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dr. Suess's Birthday!

March 2nd
Lesson Plans are in the work for next week./
 I can't believe it is March next week already ;)
This cool event is on Saturday:
Check this site out! So Cool!
I love the pudding idea on this site! I hope to do this on Friday for the kids. (We are going to cover Dr.Seuss all week  during our Social Studies time.)
More fun Activities:
Khol's is a great place to get the book and the stuffed animal that goes with the story. I have several books by Dr. Seuss that we got at Khol's.

 Mrs. Guajardo's Kinder Class did these crafty paper plate Dr. Seuss faces.
I really liked the idea!
What the Teacher wants has an awesome unit you can look at for Dr. Seuss: I am going to use several of their ideas this week :)

Mrs. Amy Gonzalez's bulletin. PreK
Really Cute
Mrs. Emma Claudio's Bulletin. (PreK)
Very creative board :)

Thing 1, Thing 2
GReen Eggs ad Ham!

What a fun filled day! I came home exausted. We did so many fun activities. We ended the day with OOBLECK and watched "Green Eggs and Ham"
I hope the kids enjoyed as much as I think they did :)

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