Friday, August 3, 2012

Action Research Plan

Hi everyone! Just a little bit of homework right now.
Below you will find my Action Research Plan and Summary.

Parental Involvement Everyday: What are the most available effective ways to increase communicate with parents and community on a daily basis using technology?
  • As the years go by in education and social media along with technology is a huge part of our society’s daily activities it is important for teachers and schools to grow with our students and parents.  We have open houses, meet the teacher, face to face parent/teacher conferences, phone conferences, and notes home to communicate.  What would it be like to communicate with parents through twitter, blogs, facebook pages, email, and webpages?  This can only increase the amount of communication and the amount of parents we are communicating with on a daily basis.  Teaching a kindergarten class for the last 3 years I have realized how hard it is for working parents to be involved on a daily basis and if they could they would peak in or speak to their child’s teacher every day.  As a teacher why not give parents an insight to your daily activities, homework, and announcements.  Establish an open communication with parents.  Using technology as a tool to bringing down the four walls of your classroom can be a wonderful experience.
Happy August everyone!!

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