Saturday, August 25, 2012

A week of Great Finds and Creations!

This week was a great week of crafts, finds, and gifts.  I really wanted to share them with you.  I still can not believe that THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS ON MONDAY!!!! Let the fun begin!!

Picture #1 Pattern Tape: Don't throw away supply containers or small cardboard boxes because you can easily recycle them into your stylish supply container.  I enjoyed creating a dry erase marker holder, eraser topper holder, and stylish clothespins.
 Picture #2 is a small craft I created for our Meet the Teacher this past week.  Bananas are .50 a lb right now and you can not bet that!  Tags were made by a very good friend of mine and ribbon was easily found at Hobby Lobby.  Parents and students really enjoyed the bananas, and I enjoyed seeing their smiles when they went over to pick their very own banana.
 Picture #3 is a very thoughtful Chicka Chicka Boom Boom gift basket that my aunt and cousin brought to me.  I loved it, and it was very thoughtful and it fit perfectly with our school theme.  The palm tree is made out of wood and then painted over in appropriate colors.  The fruit and snacks are a  perfect gift for a teacher's first week of school.
 Picture #4 is a picture I took while shopping for my boys today.  Not only do I have to make sure I am ready as a teacher for the new school year but as a mother as well.  We just had The American Cookie Company open up at our local mall in Harlingen, TX.  Of coarse this is the cookie cake that caught my eye instantly!! I can not wait to order my first cookie cake for my son's birthday in September.  This cookie cake would not be appropriate for my classroom right now since it is not nutritious and healthy but I am sure I will find an opportunity soon. :D
 Picture #5 is a picture of ABC: Pretzels that I found at our local HEB Grocery store today.  I can think of a million and one ways to use these in our lesson planning.  They can be incorporated in our math and ELA lesson plans.  Just off the top of my head... I can use them for: letter identification, letters in your name activity, word work, spelling words of the week, counting, graphing, sorting, etc.

I just wanted to share these pictures with you because they make me excited about the beginning of our new school year and maybe you would like to feel just as excited as I am.
I hope everyone has a great year!!

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