Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Time for Everything!

What an ADVENTUROUS 1st week!!  We were in shock the first day but then little by little we got a hang of things.
This week our kindergartners:
made new friends.
learned what a line is.
learned how to carry their lunch tray.
gained confidence.
realized that they will see their mommy again.
learned that school is FUN!
learned about germs.
how to rotate groups.
what rules are.
 how to write their name.

My students learned so much! It is overwhelming when I type it out like this.
The 1st week can be so overwhelming but in a couple of weeks, it will be smoooooth sailing and the learning possibilities will be endless.

1st Line in Kindergarten

1st time in the gym
Dr. Flores visits Kindergarten on our first day.
Getting to know each other's names.  Students said there name at the start of the tunnel and then walked through.
Yay Elise!
1st Time at the writing center.

Starting Line Up! Name Cheer! 

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