Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monster Party

Monster Invitation

We just had a blast for my son's 1st birthday!  The party was a monster theme at a local pavilion park.
I am excited to share my ideas with you that have been inspired by Pinterest, Etsy, and myself.

Here is our Birthday Boy!

Sunglasses for the kids!

DIY Monster Shirts!

DIY Monster Favor bags!

#1 Pinata

Birthday Boy Backdrop

Snowcones from Kona Ice Cameron County

 Pin the Eye on the monster!

Dance Party

 Monster Birthday Cake

 Adopt a Monster

 Monster Bubbles

Monster Cake by Gloria's Cakes in Harlingen TX

 Personalized Birthday Sign on the Snowcone truck.

Pin the Eye on the Monster


Group Picture!

Thank you card!

 Birthday Shirts

 What's a party without a photo booth!  
Check out RGV Photo booth fun on FB!
Center Pieces

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