Friday, January 10, 2014

Snowball Math

YES! January is so much fun... we are finally warming up around here. 
Today was a great opportunity for Snowball Math!
We used rounding, estimation, number patterns, measurement, comparing, and graphing.
In science we were able to use the scientific method-Predictions, Hypothesis, we asked questions, researched, etc.

I started by laying a long strip of blue butcher paper on the floor.  A few desk had to be rearranged but it only took whole 30 seconds to get prepared.  Next we label inches on the butcher paper using a yard stick.  We labeled the inches by tens.

We had two items to compare and analyze.  A cotton ball and a regualar copy paper crumbled up.

There were some rules: 
1. Students can not jump forward as part of their throw.
2. Students can not step on the blue butcher paper.
3. The snowball must land on the blue butcher paper.

Snowball Math

We also read "There was a Cold Lady who swallowed some Snow" by Lucille Colandro

Check it out!
Next week we are starting a PBL (Project based Learning) project on Bubble Bursting!

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