Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Week at a Glance

What a week!  It was our first week with students at school and my first week of my fall class.  I am super excited to be taking Teaching with Technology.  That is what my passion is right now.  I want to learn how to effectively use technology everyday in my classroom and learn how to collaborate and share more and more.  I use technology everyday in my kindergarten classroom as it is but I can always learn more.  In two weeks, my class will be receiving iPads and this makes me so exciting but at the same time I would like to really understand the best times and ways to use them in my instruction so that students are able to really engage and learn.
This week I read an interesting article that really caught my eye and validated the entire reason why I started this blog and using technology in my classroom.

As I feel a bit stressed with all of the new adventures that I am undertaking I found that this song/video motivates me and I hope it motivates you. :D
LET IT GROW, watch your students and adventures grow and blossom CELEBRATE THE WORLD!!

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