Monday, January 16, 2012


Are you staying warm out there?  I hope so! Here in Harlingen TX it  has been in the 60s. Not too bad. We just need a light sweater and jeans and we should be good to go.  
That doesn't mean that we are not creating a winter wonderland in our classroom.  This week our focus during social studies will be about how weather and people adapt to their environment.  How does weather change our community, clothing, shelter, etc.
We will be reading some of the best books out there with a focus on winter clothing.
Each student was asked to bring in a pair of mittens or gloves for the week.  We will be doing various activities with them such as, Matching, Hide and Seek, Creating Describing words, Math games, etc.

Jan Brett & M. Christina Butler

Mitten Activities

Mitten activities found on PINTEREST!

Meet Jan Brett

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