Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letter A A A A A A

The Letter of the Week is: Aa
The password for the week is: The
There are so many exciting and fun activities for the letter Aa.
It is September and just a couple of days before Autumn rolls in.
These are some of our activities of the week :D

Red/Yellow/Green Apples, Apples Apples

Activity: Predict which color of apple will be your favorite. Color/Cut

Thanks to the parents who donated the Red/Yellow/& Green Apples

How does it taste? Sweet/Bitter/Sour (This was a great follow up to our 5 senses lessons that we did 2 weeks ago.)

 How were your predictions? Did they stay the same? Change?
Now let's graph.  This is our first class graph.  As we progress through the year we will add a graph title, numbers, and categories.

We had a great turnout of apples that were donated.  Everyone was lucky enough to take an apple home today.  Now students have the opportunity to share our lesson today with their family at home and if they choose they can recreate our class activity at home with their family.

Our Craft Activity for the week.
This is a REALLY COOL site! -->

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