Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tie or Tutu?

We are TUTU excited about my brother's gender reveal!  As you all may know, I way out numbered in my household!  DAD, J, Matt, Myles, and our dog Dez are all loving that BOYS RULE in our home.

When we found out my brother and Maria were having a baby, we were overwhelmed with joy and started planning a gender reveal party.  The theme was "tie or tutu?". Mike and Maria had their sonogram that morning but chose not to find out a their appointment, instead the nurse wrote the baby's gender in a sealed envelope and they had delivered it to me.

Mom and dad wore white. We got a box, painted a heart and the words.  Inside is the secret gender color.

Now that mom and dad know, let's have some fun with PINK GLITTER!

And a little more fun with PINK SILLY STRING!


Needless to say, we are TUTU excited that it's a GIRL!!  I can't wait to buy her first outfit, give her some cheerleading ponytails with big and bright bows!  

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