Saturday, February 16, 2013

Course Reflection

Hi everyone!
I am so happy that I am completing another course in my masters program. I have had almost no time to blog on top of everything else.   I am trying to keep up and I am looking forward to spring break so that I can sit down and blog and tell you all about what I have been doing for the last few months in and out of my classroom.

For now here is a course reflection that I am linking to turn in my assignment.

Digital Graphic 5366 Reflection
Michelle Ayala
Lamar University-Masters

            What an amazing time I have had learning about Digital Graphics.  I was really worried at first but as I went through the coursework I gained much more confidence in my abilities to incorporate graphics and technology in education. 
            Building a website to communicate with parents and community is a great way to connect school and home for children and parents.  As of today I have helped build three websites and all have been to benefit parents and students in education.  I am an author of my own classroom blog and it has opened a world of doors for me as an educator and as a parent.  The amount of feedback that I get from parents and family members about communicating through a website has been amazing.  Recently I have had the opportunity to become a digital classroom, which means I am utilizing twenty three ipads in my classroom with an apple tv.   Being a digital classroom is a work in progress but we as a district are working into technology and learning more and more every day.
            I strongly encourage educators and administrators to read the readings we had for this course, and especially the YouTube tutorials for our assignments. They were very informative and easy to follow.  As educators unless we research and use technology it will be very difficult to gain confidence and incorporate it into your classroom or school.
            In the end I find this course to be amazing because I love technology.  I love technology can make me a stronger teacher and how it engages students today.  Students love tablets, animation, music, and the World Wide Web.  We need to tune into what our students are into today and use the tools that they are so familiar with to learn new objectives.