Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy March

Hi everyone! It is a beautiful Sunday!  We have done so much in kindergarten class and we are preparing for a fun filled TX Public SCHOOLs Week this coming week. Right after that we will be off for SPRING BREAK!!
Here is a little bit of what we have done in February and March so far!!
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 On February 4th we celebrated our 100th Day of school.  Each hat was made by the kids, there are ten strips with ten stamps or stickers on each strip to  represent 100.

 Fruit Loop Necklaces

 Happy Valentine's Day!
Patterns, How many Sweetheart candies can you stack?, Friendship Sundaes

 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Thing 1 Thing 2 Jello Treats, Fox in Socks Day, Dr. Seuss Hat Day, Wacky Wednesday (blue hair), and Green Day: Oobleck and Green Eggs and Ham

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, thanks to PINTEREST I have been inspired to do many activities in my classroom.  Look back next week for Tx Public Schools Week activities.

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