Monday, October 29, 2012

Election Week

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone had a restful weekend!  Time seems to be flying by so fast.  In just a few weeks we will be getting out for Thanksgiving break!
This week is a very important week for our kindergartners   We are learning all about ballots, voting, voting booths, secret ballots, Presidential election, etc.

Throughout the week we will be conducting several elections and learning the basics of an election.  Today I introduced what an election was with the book "Duck for President".  I had never read this book before and I really enjoyed it.  It is funny but at the same time teaches about an election and what happens after you are elected.  I then explained what a secret ballot is.  We conduct elections almost every other day by a show of hands when we are making different decisions in the classroom.  I loved how as soon as I said the word "secret" everyone became very serious and focused on what was going to be a secret.

Last week my teacher assistant was able to create a voting booth, ballots, and a ballot box.  Students voted on what their favorite snack was: "Fruit Loop Cereal or Animal Crackers".  Students went one at a time to the voting booth, circled their favorite snack, folded the ballot, and placed their ballot in the ballot box.  It was so quite, I couldn't believe it!
I will announce the results tomorrow and naturally we will eat the elected snack during our snack time.
Here is the copy of the ballot we used:

Tomorrow we will be conducting an election on what our favorite animal is: "Dogs or Cats".
Thanks to Greg I have an awesome Election Unit that he made!

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