Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plan It, Divide It, JackIT!

Hi everyone!! I am currently on summer break and loving every minute of it.  This is the time I get the chance to product review, pin on pinterest, be  a facebook stalker to other teachers, and prepare for next year.  On top of that I just started my masters! YIKES!! It is such a busy summer!

Here is the latest news, I just received some new products from and I wanted to tell you all about the fabulous office supplies.

  1. The first product that I will find very useful is the Ampad Project Planner .   

In this picture you will see the first page.  There are sections for Project Action Notes, Project Planning Notes, Page Number, Prepared by, and Date.  This makes it very easy to use while trying to get organized.  I really enjoyed the features.  I can also use this for projects in the classroom.  I can see myself writing suggestions to students while they are in their project based groups.  It would serve as a great guideline.
 These are great Office Supplies to find over the summer so that you will have time to implement them during the school year.  Everyone uses a daily, weekly, or monthly planner.  You just have to find the one that best suites you.

2. The 2nd product is just FAB!!  It is a Esselte Copysafe File Jacket.
This file jacket is genius!  It is a sleeve with a Polk a dot design on it so that you can not read the document inside, two of its sides are sealed and two sides are open.  The jacket also has a small slit for your thumb for easy in and out access to your document. You can slip any document inside and it is almost impossible to read/copy but I love that they design is fashionable.  Of coarse you could easily get one of those large brown envelopes and seal a secret document, but sometimes it is not that secret but at the same time you don't need anyone reading all your stuff.  I have not researched enough but I would love more colors and designs of this copysafe file jacket.
  I really love this file jacket.

3. The 3rd product is Pendaflex Divide It Up File Folder.
This file folder looks like any other file folder until you open it up.  Inside you will find 3 dividers plus this the traditional file folder file system.  So there are 4 potential areas to put and store documents.  I really enjoyed the dividers because it keeps paper in a secure position.  It basically adds more structure to your file folder documents.

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