Monday, April 16, 2012

Roaring Spring/ Product Review

Happy Spring Everyone!!! 
I recently received my Roaring Spring items to review from!
I have to admit... there was not one thing I did not like from this review!
If you are a teacher like me, you know we LOVE colored paper, paper notebooks, and note pads to write on.

Unfortunately I am only going to choose 3 of the 6 items to write a review about.

   This landscape Wide Pad has a great feel and smell. Sometimes recycled items may have a funny smell.  I used the Writing Pad-Quad Ruled paper to create a map of my classroom.  I think this was a brilliant tool to use!  I usually draw a map of my classroom at the end of the year and at the beginning.  I change my room arrangement about 3 times a school year.  As you know in the summer all of our furniture gets moved and rearranged so the custodians can wax the floors.  This helps me remember how I had it and it also helps with any changes I might make.  The gridded paper helped me with straight lines and shapes.

During Social Studies in Kindergarten we also cover MAPS!  I found this Landscape Format Writing Pad- Quad Ruled paper very useful for MAPS!! All I did was hand the tablet to the students and they went to town, literally! :D  The grid helped them with straits and diagonal lines.
(The blocks are the buildings)
This Notebook is FANtastic!  Like I said before, I love colored paper!  This 120 sheet wire notebook is very nice to look at, and it's recycled!  You can not even tell the difference from a regular notebook to this recycled notebook.  The pages feel just a little dull but other than that it is really nice.  I love the 3 subjects.  Blue, Pink, and Purple.  I will use this notebook for my lesson planning.  Usually I use a notebook as a rough draft to jot down ideas and activities that I would like to incorporate to upcoming lessons.
I will use Blue for: Reading/ Language Arts Ideas and Brainstorming,  Pink for Math, and Purple for Science and Social Studies.  Did I mention that this Roaring Spring Wirebound Notebook also has perforated edges, and 1 double pocket for safe keeping or storage :D

I LOVE MY NEW NOTEBOOK! Just in time for summer planning!

3. Roaring Spirng Environotes Sugarcane Notebook
This notebook is small and compact, which I really like.  Right away I decided that this would be a great notebook for Grade Level team meetings.  This notebook is plain and simple.  It will serve the purpose but it is not as much fun as the other colorful products.  As I gave it some more thoughts... I realized that 80 pages is not enoughfor the notebook to last all year.  I have a grade level meeting every Wednesdays during the school year and I am pretty sure that by the end of the school year I will not have many pages if any left.
I would like the notebook to have more pages and colored pages, a storage pocket wouldn't be bad either.

I would like to thank and Joey for doing a great job!!! I love the products and I am loving the review program with, it is a great partnership that I hope will continue in the future.
Teachers always love free stuff that we can actually use in our classroom! :D

I think these products from Roaring Spring and will be great examples to show my students when we learn about Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I will be sure to show them the POO POO Paper! :D

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