Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Hundred Fifty Party!!!

AWESOME!! Kinder Fun is celebrating 150 "likes" on Facebook!!! I am really excited!!!

Here is a FEEBIE! Print this out as a book or view it as a presentation on your computer. I have a job assignment for this. The student with the Morning Substitute Teacher Job gets to choose their pointer of their choice and point to the morning posters during our morning music. In addition two songs that I do in the morning have a digital presentation. The student gets to push enter or turn the book during the song for the other students to see.
 The students who get to press enter on the presentation LOVE this job!!! The song is from Dr. Jean. I have posted her links in the past. I hope you can use this!!
It's 28 pages: you can also print, laminate, hole punch and put it into a portfolio folder and pop it into the library, my students use it A LOT a the library.  I usually have to redo this book every year because of the wear and tear.
Alphardy 2011

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