Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gearing up for August

I just finished purchasing these digital downloads from :
I love them!

Working on my Job Chart
Kids at Work

Click on the ant for a pdf download.
I cut the squares out and glue them to pockets.  I will glue the pockets to a poster board and then laminate.

I use pencil or crayon cutouts put student names on them and slide them in the pocket.
Last Year Job Chart

Just finished these pockets.

Working on these cheers that I found on Mrs. Lemons blog: her button is towards the bottom.  Pencil holder was found at Target, Dollar Spot.

Caddys and Pointers found at the dollar spot: Target :)

I finally purchased fabrics for my bulletin boards.

Great Sale on this site! $1 Digital Downloads
Some More Great Finds: Thanks to my BLOGGER BUDDIES!
July 12th 2011

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