Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

I appreciate all the teachers around the world!  You are a friend, mother, father, big sister or brother, patient, loving, and caring to students everyday. & you work your butt off everyday regardless of the pay!  Have a great week Teachers, We Deserve It!

J-Nathan's Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Drawe (Sam Houston, LaFeria)

Kinder Teachers (Sam Houston, La Feria) Miss Limon, J-Nathan's PreK Teacher

Pre-K Teachers, Sam Houston, La Feria

Dr. Rodriguez  Kinder Teachers, Harlingen

Mrs. Smith, J-Nathan's 1st Grade Teacher, Dr. Rodriguez Elementary, Harlingen

Mrs. Rodriguez, J-Nathan's 2nd Grade Teacher, Dr. Rodriguez Elementary

Our Campus Administrators planned an awesome week for us!
Theme: Dr. Rodriguez Elementary Teachers are out of this WORLD!
Monday: We stopped by the Restaurant Enterprise for a Borg intergalactic burger, cardassian celestial chips, star strek star drifter salad, liquid latinum planet sized drink and a Klingon cookie
Tuesday: Enjoy a Celebratory Cinnamon Roll
Wednesday: Schedule a landing at the storm stoppers Cafe to pick up your C-3PO Cupcake and a Yoda Soda
Thursday: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a chalupa lunch in Roswell, New Mexico, Area 51
Friday: Alien and Spaceship cookies

HCISD Released this video today in honor of all the HCISD Teachers!

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