Sunday, December 16, 2012

EDLD 5363 Weeks 3, 4, & 5 Reflections

WOW! I have loved this coarse because of the collaboration that it makes it's students do.  I joined a phenomenal group that works hard and communicates all week.  I love that we had a facebook class page and we constantly group messaged each other.  At the beginning of this coarse I thought it would be impossible to find a group and when would we all be able to be online at the same time with all of our different schedules.  We managed to make it work thanks to facebook, and google docs.  We had multiple trial and errors when making significant decisions.  We had a group leader named Travis who was a phenomial leader.  He guided me, reassured me, and  encouraged me! What a leader!! 
End the end I recorded my voice on Audacity and then had to convert those sound bites to an mp3 format to email to Travis so he could do the final edits to our video narrration.    I have seen our video several times and I love it! Especially because this video, scipting, animation, audio, shot list, etc was all done via internet collaboration. Imagine what we could have done in a college library together!
We are in our last week of our coarse! I cannot not wait to feel the accomplishment of turning in the last assignment of week 5 and then enjoy my Christmas vacation.

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